Online Data Services

GSNI provide access to data through Open Data NI, Spatial NI and a number of web applications. Access to these data services are given below.


Click to access the GeoIndex.


Copy the hyperlinks below to use the WMS services for each GeoIndex theme in your desktop GIS.

Geology: Copy WMS link

Enquiries Theme: Copy WMS link

Geochemistry Theme: Copy WMS link

Geophysics Theme: Copy WMS link

Hydrogeology Theme: Copy WMS link

Minerals Theme: Copy WMS link


Click to access GeoRecords

Ground Source Heat Pump Reports

Click to access the new ground source heat pump reports.


Press release: New radon map for Northern Ireland published.
See the Radon: indicative atlas for Northern Ireland

Published: 25th May 2010
Last Updated: 21st August 2015