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September 2013Metadata Data Model, focussed on spatial data, now available in the designs library.

August 2013 — Online Forum section, if you wish to contact the team please send an email to Carl Watson

July 2013 — Malawi field trip to look at efforts to combine health and agricultural data.

March 2013 — Links to two data models that capture Geophysics data have been added to the designs library.

January 2013 — Presentations, Prizes and surveys in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

November 2012 — Initial data models uploaded.


If you have any suggestions you would like to share please contact Carl Watson

EarthDataModels.org is a global, not-for-profit knowledge exchange initiative, open to anyone interested in geological and environmental data. This is a community driven site, providing free and open access to data model designs, background information as well as support from the project leader.

What do we mean by Data Model?

To many people a data model is a database design and the initial suite of data models published on EarthDataModels.org are largely based upon existing relational databases for geological surveys.

However, data models are more than database designs, they explicitly define the structure of data and help in the design of information systems and data exchanges.

We welcome contributions from all areas of data modelling especially those involved in Geographical Information Systems (GIS), XML or applications development.

Where to start?

Results from the 'Focus on Africa' Survey now available!